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Intern Coordinator - Maryland / Sports Marketing


Job Responsibilities:

  • Being able to design and create a variety of graphics.
  • Being able to work with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash etc.
  • Communicate with vendors and manufactures.
  • Prepare designs, concepts, and sample layouts making necessary changes based on feedback throughout the iterative design process.
  • Stay current with latest design trends.
  • Create smart design solutions.

    Job Requirements:
  • Must have at least basic computer skills. Experience with print, internet and multimedia are a plus.
  • Motorcycle enthusiasts preferred.

    Other Key Success Attributes:

  • Demonstrates flexibility; can redefine the role as needed and adapt to change.
  • Seeks continuous mastery of new technical and business knowledge and encourages the same in others.
  • Interacts professionally and appropriately within a variety of situations.
  • Builds consensus, facilitates win-win business outcomes, gains and builds commitment to new ideas and courses of action.
  • Clearly articulates, presents, and promotes ideas and issues before various audiences in professional settings.
  • Demonstrates the ability to identify and solve problems quickly, decisively, and independently.
  • Shares information, cooperates with others, and is comfortable participating as part of a team.


    The position is open for as long as the student would like, but with a minimum length of 12 weeks with 21 to 35 hours per week.

    Credit / Compensation:

    Student interns will have an opportunity to receive college credit. Contact your undergraduate advising office for more information on academic credit. Compensation depends on your work program as defined above; some lighter work-load programs will have no compensation while others will have multiple benefits.

    How to apply:

    Students wishing to apply for this position should email resumes or call us. For more information about our company, please visit our website. This internship is offered in two locations; at our east and west offices. Please specify which location you are applying for.

  • How To Apply For This Internship

    Phone: 301-663-4550

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