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The Base Area Attendants, aka "Mobile Crew" are tasked with the maintenance and upkeep of many designated sites under Base Area Operations' supervision. Much more than just grounds maintenance, our responsibilities are numerous and diverse, ranging all the way from snow/ice removal via hand tools, operating boom lifts to decorate trees throughout the resort with seasonal lighting, mowing lawns with zero-turn mowers, construction all manner of department-relevant infrastructure, all the way to the build-out and management of our world-class events. As a summer seasonal attendant, you will be trained up to and responsible for most of the full spectrum of these responsibilities. We take pride in holding ourselves to the highest standards of quality of job, safety paradigms, and best practices. Beaver Creek is the quality and prestige standard to which all other resorts in the Vail Resorts family aspire, and it is the sum total of every last one of your decisions that makes it such.

You will be on time or early to every scheduled shift. You will be presentable at all times, in full weather-appropriate uniform. You will be diligent with your time, making the most out of every hour for which you clocked in. You are the face of the resort, this position is consistently guest-forward and as such you are to treat guests with warm professionalism, safely putting your given task on hold to answer any question you are asked, directing clearly or personally escorting guests to all manner of locations in and around the resort, and otherwise volunteering the highest degree of hospitality to our guests wherever the opportunity presents itself.

The vast majority of your responsibilities in this role are team based, and as such you are to respect your fellow teammates in the utmost, ensuring the well-being of all and executing tasks with maximum efficiency. Communicating clearly, effectively, and respectively are of critical importance to the health and well-being of the team. You are to handle all manner of interpersonal interactions with warmth and respect. You are to be out-front and forthright in mitigating any potential interpersonal issues, volunteering your feelings on matters long before they back up and serve to foster resentment or ill-content.

The shortlist of your responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Being on time or early to all scheduled shifts, being present with sound mind and body, reporting any lapse or potential lapse thereof to management immediately
  • Volunteering or being assigned to irregularly scheduled responsibilities, such as event production
  • Mitigating any potential safety issues regarding snow/ice in designated or delegated areas using hand tools, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing result
  • Maintaining all designated and delegated lawns and landscapes such that they are made fit and kept to their highest potential
  • Opening, maintaining, and setting the village daily according to designated task lists
  • Operating and maintaining equipment safely and efficiently, including but not limited to trucks, trucks with loaded trailers, snow-blowers, snow-throwers, workman* utility vehicles, zero-turn mowers, push mowers, string trimmers, and boom-lifts
  • Maintaining a viable driver's license
  • Communicating any issue or lapse in policy, best practice or safety, to your management as soon as they become apparent
  • Respecting, understanding, and helping all members of your team such that the interpersonal health of the team is maintained to its highest potential
  • Setting up, maintenance of, removal, and storage of seasonal decor
  • Production of events, and any related responsibilities including, but not limited to, the setting of tents, stages, trussing, and all manner of event-related equipment, patrol and keeping of events while underway, guest stewardship, and safety issue identification and mitigation
  • Transportation and storage of all equipment
  • Any other responsibilities designated or delegated by management, *such that said responsibility can be done safely, any issues thereof to be mitigated by Beaver Creek Health
We're looking for team members whose legendary attention to detail and commitment to phenomenal service comes naturally. Pursue a lifestyle that will elevate your expectation of what work can look like. Nothing is too big or too small for the staff to bravely pursue and elevate the expectations of the guest. Do you possess a calling for delivering world-class events and amenities? Then Beaver Creek is for you.

Vail Resorts is an equal opportunity employer. Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, protected veteran status or any other status protected by applicable law.

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Nearest Major Market: Denver

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