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Special Olympics Minnesota

Special Olympics Minnesota (ďSOMNĒ) is offering an internship with FANstop, SOMN,s Official Merchandise Store. FANstop is a mobile retail experience offering branded spirit wear and fan gear at SOMNís state competitions, all of which serves to support and spread awareness of SOMNís mission and programs.

The internship will feature:

-Opportunities to plan, design and order inventory for a major SOMN state competition
-Opportunities to learn inventory management skills through direct applied experience
-Opportunities to experience on-site management of a retail store during SOMNís 2018 State Poly Hockey Tournament and Summer Games
-Opportunities to gain experience training and supervising retail staff
-Experience working in an office setting, working with industry-standard Microsoft software, and opportunities to observe and participate in organizational meetings.

The internship:

-Is a volunteer opportunity open to college sophomores and above.
-Will commence no later than Feb. 1, 2018 and run through the end of the internís school year.
If interested and available, the internship may be extended through August 2018.
-Offers a flexible weekly schedule, following the ebb and flow of FANstopís ordering and processing cycles. Most work will be completed during normal business hours; time spent on-site at SOMNís 2018 State Poly Hockey Tournament and Summer Games may include hours before or after the normal work day, including weekends.

Most work will occur at SOMNís offices in downtown Minneapolis, nearby many Metro Transit bus and Light Rail lines. SOMNís office in Oracle Centre is skyway connected for easy access to all the restaurants and retail outlets in downtown.

SOMN offers year-round sports training, competition, leadership, health, wellness and inclusion programs to all Minnesotans regardless of age or intellectual ability. In addition to work with SOMNís retail operations, interns have the opportunity to volunteer additional time for other SOMN events, if interested, to increase the training and experience afforded by their internship.

Interested candidates should submit a cover letter and resume to

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