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Communications Seasonal Intern / Pro Sports

New York Jets

Job Description:

A seasonal intern in the New York Jets Communications Department plays a versatile and crucial role in the day-today operations of the department. Our goal is to provide you with real-life work experience and a hands-on knowledge of media relations and corporate communications, all while in a major NFL market. We are looking for qualified and dedicated individuals who have a proven ability to learn and adapt all while distinguishing themselves at the college level or in similar positions.


  • Compile, distribute and catalog Daily Clips, Blog Report and Broadcast Clips
  • Monitor social media, TV and the internet
  • Monitor and transcribe press conferences and player availabilities
  • Draft press releases
  • Fill season-long and individual game credential requests
  • Prepare interview preparation for both players and coaches
  • Contribute to weekly game release
  • Write and edit media guide
  • Facilitate player interviews
  • Pitching stories for both the football team and corporate endeavors
  • Staffing and planning for corporate communication events
  • Miscellaneous statistical and research projects
  • Update statistics, notes and bios
  • Daily interaction with media members
  • Gameday responsibilities when team is at home and on the road


  • College Graduate with a concentration in Communications, Public Relations or related background
  • Experience with Adobe InDesign and Photoshop a plus
  • Experience with football statistics and statistic websites a plus
  • Experience with social media a plus
  • Familiarity with media monitoring/social listening tools a plus
  • Bi-lingual is a plus

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